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The case:
An older 6U SKB Roto Case with wheels. This case was a nice choice since I had access to one already. The back door doesn’t close super tight since it’s just a plastic cover. It’s enough for now until I want to upgrade this project.

I am building this case with the goal of having two radios in side.

Right side goal:
IC 7100 + MFJ939I with an external speaker.
Left side goal:
DMR Dual Bander with external speaker

The bottom left of the case is my SEC 1235M in a rack kit that can hold two. I’m going to use the second position to hold my IC 7100 so that radio head can sit above it.


Current pictures:

What is what? Starting at the very bottom is a Samlex SEC-R2 holding a Samlex SEC-1235m power supply. Above that is a Raxxess brand 1″ shelf holding my IC 7100 and it’s remote head. The 7100 is held in by zip ties at the moment. I am waiting for the mobile mount. The control head is held in by love. Above that is a DXE-281 speaker and MFJ-939I. The MFJ is held in by two screws that are part of the case, I ran them through the slotting in the shelf. Zip ties are holding the speaker in place.

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