I’ve recently acquired a few cables and boxes since starting my adventures in amateur radio. I found that having all the equipment just laying around was kind of annoying. I had try to relegate everything to a single Ikea LACK table but this ended up being fruitless as it didn’t really contain everything nor could I even fit it all on there.
So far I’ve got the following pieces of hardware needing a home:
IC 7100
MFJ 939i
Samlex 1235M

I’ve got an older 6u rack with front rails only for now to put the items in. My plan is to see how well this rack works out and then move it to something else if I don’t like it. My hesistance is that my current box doesn’t open on the back or have rear rails. This isn’t an issue today but maybe it will be tomorrow. We will see.

I’ve since ordered two rack shelves for the case to hold the radios. I’m waiting for my IC 7100 mobile mount to arrive. My MFJ may get mounted in using Velcro or perhaps I’ll put a hole through it’s case… I still haven’t decided that either.

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